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BW Bump Gas Balloon Assembly Kit CG-BUMP-B-K

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BW Honeywell

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BW Spare Balloon Assembly Kit with hose (1/8 in I.D., 3/16 in O.D.) and adaptor for bump gas is only compatible with the test gas aerosols like:

For most applications one simply sprays some gas over a unit and confirm that it works. Some units have a dedicated Bump Test mode (BWC4, ICONS) that requires a user to apply gas for a set amount of time. Some "heavy handed" users apply too much pressure and end up damaging the sensors.

It is not intended to be used with standard Calibration Gas Cylinders.

Note: H2S concentrations in bump gas cylinders degrade rapidly due to the properties of these cylinders. While these cylinders might initially come with H2S concentrations of 100 ppm, they could lose up to 60% of that concentration in 12 months (users may see only 40 ppm after 12 months). Bump gas cylinders are used for qualitative functional testing of sensors and alarms only. Bump gases cannot be used as calibration gases.

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