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Sep 10th 2012

OSHA Fines Indoor Shooting Ranges for Lead Exposure

We’ve touched on airborne lead exposure from indoor gun ranges in the past. Get The Lead Out – Shooters at Indoor Ranges Need Respirators.  OSHA is apparently now on the lookout for increased lead exposure for shooters and employees at indoor ranges (I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with our post) and recently fined a range in Illinois $111,000 for airborne lead exposure limits up t … read more
Aug 15th 2012

What is the Best Respirator for Epoxy Application?

The Bay Area abounds with many wonderful old things. Vintage boats and Victorian era houses are two that often end up benefiting from a product called penetrating epoxy. For the owners of old houses, this epoxy seeps deep into damaged or rotten wood creating incredible strength while eliminating the possibility of future rot on gingerbread, bay windows, dentils, and lentils. It is seen as almos … read more
Aug 8th 2012

Refinery Fire Shows Need for Home Respirator Protection

We've all heard tests of the emergency broadcast system over the TV and radio. The long monotone and subsequent beeps of digital information being transmitted are generally followed by an announcement that this was a test ("This is only a test"). Last night as I listened to the baseball game, I heard my first real emergency broadcast. The announcement directed residents of several … read more
Jul 16th 2012

Hoarders TV Show Doesn't Provide Good Protective Clothing Cues

There are lots of things you'll see on TV that you should stay away from personally. A recent re-run that made us shake our collective heads was the lung protection worn by folks who should know better in some truly frightening homes shown on the A&E show Hoarders. Let us say for the record that if legions of rats (or cats) are using your home as a restroom, or if you go into a … read more
What DIY Homeowners Need to Know About Asbestos Removal
Jul 11th 2012

What DIY Homeowners Need to Know About Asbestos Removal

We get lots of people contacting us wanting to know how to properly remove asbestos from their homes. The questions, and our answers, generally center around removal of asbestos from four main areas: furnace ducting, floor tiles, exterior siding, and the old popcorn ceiling. They are not all the same, and there are varying levels of success for the DIY homeowners. Almost everyone knows th … read more
Jun 18th 2012

How to Clean Your Respirator Mask

Taking care of your respirator is simple stuff, but it can have a big impact on your health and safety at work. In this post we're going to explain the best way to keep your non-disposable respirator clean and how to prolong the life of your cartridges. Most people never clean their respirators. Why? Maybe they love germs. Or accumulated grime. Or maybe, like me, they just wipe it … read more
Jun 4th 2012

Bike Commuter Respirator - A Follow-Up

I don't know if the road to Heck is paved with good intentions, but I do know that my pledge to make healthier life choices and wear a mask when commuting by bike in San Francisco hit a major pot hole soon after I started. The first mask I tried was the Moldex AirWave respirator mask. While it was comfortable on my face, and I felt like it created a good seal, once I started bre … read more
May 14th 2012

Best Respirator Mask for Bike Commuters?

To save money and to stick with my New Year’s resolution of making healthier life choices, I now commute to work by bicycle. Before this year, I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was about ten. But as the saying goes, I had no problem jumping right back on despite my fear of getting on the road with the relentless Californian drivers. I was certainly afraid of riding on the road with al … read more
May 2nd 2012

How Long Do My Respirator Filters Last?

Last week a customer sent us a question asking how long the 3M 2097 Particulate Mold Filters last. The answer is - it depends. Since it's a fairly common question, and "it depends" is such an unsatisfactory answer, we thought we'd explain it here in a bit more detail. The useful life of filters and cartridges is not fixed. In the case of the 3M 2097 P100 (HEPA) filters, we have … read more
Apr 30th 2012

Fishermen Making Lead Sinkers Need Respirators

Maybe it's just because of Facebook, but we are noticing a trend these days among dedicated fishermen - lots of them are making their own lead sinkers. Lead melts at a relatively low temperature, and many sporting suppliers sell molds for casting the fishing weights. It's fun. But beware - lead dust and fumes can be extremely toxic. Even if you are melting and casting lead outdoors, you still n … read more
Apr 25th 2012

Common Air Contaminants In Your Home

While many people will wear sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun, not many folks wear respirators around the house to protect themselves from the formaldehyde found in so many household products. Sure, we are a safety company and we'd love to see a respirator on every face and in every home. But in this case, you might be better protected with information. For instance, did … read more
Apr 23rd 2012

Get The Lead Out - Shooters at Indoor Ranges Need Respirators

The vast majority of people who enjoy shooting guns at indoor ranges are very conscious of safety. They wear hearing protection for their ears, and eye protection for their eyes. But very few wear respirators to protect their lungs from the lead dust that is nearly always present. Most shooters who frequent indoor ranges are aware of the potential for lead poisoning, but don't worr … read more