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ATG MaxiFlex Ultimate Micro-Foam 3/4 Coated Palm Nitrile Glove 34-875 (12 pairs)

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PIP - Protective Industrial Products
ATG MaxiFlex Ultimate Micro-Foam 3/4 Coated Palm Nitrile Glove 34-875 (12 pairs)


The MaxiFlex Ultimate 34-875 Glove has a micro-foam coating over 3/4 of the palm and the fingers. This coating covers the knuckles and backs of the fingers to provide greater protection of the hands. The MaxiFlex gloves have outstanding grip and durability. The micro-foam nitrile coating provides excellent tactile sensitivity and dexterity. It's very popular in automotive shops, machining, component assembly, construction, agriculture, and other fields where damp or oily activities require good feel and grip. The MaxiFlex 34-875 Glove is 100 percent silicon-free and is designed with a "hand at rest" pattern that results in reduced hand fatigue and greater comfort over long periods of work. The nylon liners are made of Lycra to provide a snug, comfortable fit. Another perfect choice is the MaxiDry Gloves that are highly liquid-resistant and free from silicon materials. Also, check out our amazing MaxiFlex Endurance gloves that offer superior abrasion resistance, yet remain cool and comfortable.

Key Features:

  • 3/4 dipped coating
  • Ultra-lightweight, knit-wrist, Micro-Foam nitrile palm-coated glove
  • AirTech technology delivers 360-degree breathability
  • Optimized, controlled grip through the micro-cup finish
  • Minimal palm thickness and thinner than most comparable gloves
  • Class-leading form, fit and feel, reducing hand fatigue and increasing comfort
  • Silicone Free
  • EN388 Rated 4131 (Abrasion 4, Cut 1, Tear 3, Puncture 1)

Applications: Primary, secondary, and final assembly. DIY. Finishing and inspection. Gardening. Handling of small components. Maintenance. Logistics and warehousing. Using tools and instruments.

Rating TypeAbrasionCutTearPuncture
Certified EN3884131

Part Number:
34-875-XXS 2X Small
34-875-XS Extra Small
34-875-S Small
34-875-M Medium
34-875-L Large (Usually Ships in 3 Months)
34-875-XL Extra-Large 

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Additional Information

Country of Origin:
Sri Lanka
1.20 LBS
8.50 (in)
12.00 (in)
12.00 (in)
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