Arc Flash Coats

Our FR jackets will protect you from temperature extremes and fire hazards, but arc flash jackets offer better protection for arc flash accidents in particular. Arc flash fires occur when an electrical current leaves its proper path to travel to another conductor and causes an explosion in the process—they happen quickly and are dangerous, so it’s best to be prepared and protected. NFPA 70e compliant arc flash clothing has different ratings and materials than FR jackets for protection in manufacturing, industrial, construction, utilities, and other industries where workers are at risk from electrical fire hazards.

PK Safety carries arc flash coats in a variety of styles and lengths from trusted brands like NSA, Oberon, and Saf-Tech. All of these arc flash coats offer top-quality arc flash protection that you can supplement with arc flash coveralls, full-body arc flash suits, or an arc flash hood, coat, and bib suit set.

The ideal FR coat is one that will be flame resistant, lightweight, and durable to meet the demands of your job while still offering maximum protection. An arc flash jacket that’s hi-vis and meets the conformity and category standards for your industry is crucial for on-site protection. For job sites with arc flash hazards and explosion risks, a layer of ballistic protection inside of an arc flash coat is a good investment not just for the flashes themselves but for any debris and projectiles that result from a blast.

If you’re not sure where to start looking, one of our safety experts can help you make the right decisions and answer your questions about equipment and worksite safety.