Ansell HyFlex Nitrile Foam Glove 11-801 (12 pairs)

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The HyFlex 11-801 Glove from Ansell provides excellent comfort using their Knitted Variable Stitch Design (KVSD). This patented KVSD technology allows the liner to be knitted with extra stretch and extra strength where it's needed, which reduces hand fatigue and gives the glove great dexterity. The foam nitrile coating offers an outstanding grip in both dry and light oil applications, while the gray speckled liner helps the glove to appear cleaner far longer than a typical light color. Some applications where the HyFlex 11-801 Glove can be applied include automotive assembly, construction, and jobs requiring you to handle small oily parts. Choose MaxiDry Gloves for the following applications: Gearbox assembly, General handling, Handling small components, Light metal fabrications, Part handling, Shock absorber assembly, Maintenance, Primary, secondary, and final assembly.

The HyFlex glove is machine washable in warm water (104 degrees or less) and has very little shrinkage afterward. Since most gloves are discarded when dirty, rather than worn out, this can present quite a cost savings. Similar to the Ansell 11-800 HyFlex Glove, which has a white knit liner. The 11-800 Glove might be preferable when you want a cleaner look rather than hiding the dirt, in perhaps a high-tech assembly job.

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20 Reviews

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    Posted by Monmon on Feb 17th 2016

    Gloves are too easily torn or punctured. The DuraFlocks have very, very good puncture and tear resistance, but aren't very stretchy (making them difficult to put on), and cause you to lose quite a bit of finger tip feeling. The Supreno SEs are just about perfect. Strong, tough, stretchy, good tactile, I've even had punctures that didn't turn into tears, which is incredible. The downside is that they're bright purple.

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    I've tried the gloves

    Posted by Alan on Feb 17th 2016

    I've tried the Microflex Supreno SE gloves as well, and also like them a lot, especially in the extended-cuff style. My current day-to-day gloves are Kimberly Clark standard examination gloves in purple. I haven't noticed that the Midknights tear easily at all, but it could be that I received a better batch, or you received a worse one. Still, your experience tempts me to conduct controlled tear and puncture tests, if I can find the time. My absolute favorite disposable gloves for heavy duty work are Microflex's latex SafeGrip gloves. These gloves are incredibly thick and tear-resistant, but because of that - the feeling is greatly reduced. It's almost like wrapping my hand in a thin gasket material. But, they do feel bullet-proof.

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    Posted by Tim on Jan 23rd 2015

    I use these for fishing in cooler weather. The nitrile is great because it keeps your hands dry and warm during most basic tasks. The feel of these gloves is amazing as I can actually tie a knot using mono-filament fishing line with the gloves on. For colder days I put a cheaper pair of magic gloves underneath for extra warmth and these just stretch right over the top of them.

    Highly recommended!

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    Posted by jb on Sep 1st 2014

    I will continue to buy these gloves. Gloves are great, wear well, and are economical. Shipping was quick and order was right.

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    their great

    Posted by lamont on Mar 14th 2014

    These are my favorite to do around the house and motorcycle work with.I bought a couple pair and used them til they were all used up,then I went to buy some more of them,none to be found.I jumped on the net,found them at pk safety & bought 12 pair.I'm 100% satisfied.

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    awesome grip!!!

    Posted by rebecca on Mar 2nd 2014

    love these gloves!!! they make my job much easier. I unload trucks for a living, and the grip on the gloves helps so much, I use less of my hand muscles.
    True Blessing

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    Great for mechanic work

    Posted by Doug on Aug 21st 2013

    I would highly recommend these gloves for anyone who does engine/mechanic work. I hit these with spray and wash and wash them. They clean up really well. I can usually wash them 3-5 times before the nitrile starts to get hard. DON'T put them in the dryer!!

    Durable, Lightweight, Good Grip, Washes well


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    Great gloves

    Posted by JJ on Aug 21st 2013

    These gloves are great for work. I use them 5-6 days/week for 10+ hours/day & they last over a month. Great grip, lightweight, don't make your hands sweat. I probably should have got 1 size larger, but they still work great. Highly recommended.

    Durable, Good Grip, Lightweight


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    ansell hyflex 11-801

    Posted by dustin on Aug 21st 2013

    I am a auto tech and I wear these gloves every day they let got hands breath and u can wash them. They are great for all jobs i can you can handle small screws and bolts no problem. They last me about 3 weeks a pair but I am pretty hard on them they will last longer