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Allegro Safety

Since 1987, Allegro Safety has offered proven, high-quality safety equipment and been a leader in venturi blower manufacturing. Their constant commitment to designing and manufacturing reliable, innovative and specialized safety compliance products has made them a trusted player in the safety equipment industry. PK Safety carries Allegro confined space supplies, airline respirators and safety equipment, and workwear for an array of industries: we likely have anything you need to stay comfortable and safe at your job site. We have the utmost confidence in their products and know that many of our customers do as well. 

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If you’re working in any confined spaces and especially manholes, Allegro has you covered. Their confined space safety equipment includes ventilation solutions for fresh air,  and manhole pumps and accessories that help make the job easier. PK Safety carries a large selection of Allegro blowers, ventilators, and ducting for confined spaces, all constructed to the highest standards to ensure durability. For manholes specifically, Allegro has manhole lid lifters, guard rails, material winches, and safety crosses to help workers get into and out of those spaces easily. Dewatering pumps and attachable hoses to discharge waste can also make manhole work easier and a little cleaner.

Respirator protection and related accessories from Allegro will help you breathe in an array of hazardous atmospheres while doing many different kinds of work. We carry a wide variety of respiratory products from Allegro including airline respirators and compressors, and complete airline respirator kits, all available from PK Safety. We have disposable gear for very dirty environments and cleaning kits for reusable gear as well, and fit testing kits to make sure that you’re safe long before you enter a hazardous atmosphere. Airline respirators, powered air purifying respirators (PAPR), and SCBA accessories are all available as well. 

Allegro has many different types of safety equipment and workwear for all seasons and jobs. If you need ergonomic support, welding PPE, protection against mold, or some other tool or accessory that doesn’t quite fit in another category (or overlaps with a few), Allegro may have what you need. In search of combined respiratory, eye, and face protection? Ergonomic knee protection? A way to keep the sun out of your eyes? Replacement supplies and solutions? Allegro has something that can meet your needs, and if you need a little guidance before you make your purchase, a PK Safety expert can help you pick out equipment that will fit your worksite’s needs.

Allegro safety equipment can be part of any worksite that needs to comply with safety regulations. While safety equipment should be the last control implemented in any hazardous work environment, it’s an important part of a workplace safety culture and you definitely want your protective gear to be there for you if and when you need it. Buying from a trusted manufacturer ensures that you can work a little more comfortably knowing that you’re safer than you would be without it—just make sure that you’re combining your safety equipment with good workplace practices like informative signage, comprehensive training, barriers, and other administrative and engineering controls to ensure that everyone goes home safe at the end of the day.

Information about individual pieces of Allegro safety equipment can be found on their pages. If you have any questions about confined space gear, Allegro blowers and accessories, or other worksite safety solutions, contact a PK Safety expert for answers.