Air Liquide Demand Flow Regulator DFR2001

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The two stage Demand Flow Regulator from Air Liquide is designed for use with instruments that utilize a sample pump to draw the calibration gas. This saves precious calibration gas because gas flows only as pulled by the pump. The regulator provides the exact amount of gas the instrument pump requires. This simple-to-use regulator makes calibration quick and easy; just thread on to the cylinder and slide the tubing on to the barbed fitting. With no valves to turn, just start the instrument and the regulator does the rest. We sell the Air Liquide brand, but list the equivalent part numbers for other brands below.

Male vs. Female Threads:

  • Male 5/8 in. x 18 thread fits 34, 58 and 103 liter aluminum cylinders that have female threads.
  • Female CGA-600 thread fits 34 liter steel cylinders that have male threaded fittings.

Part Numbers:
DFR2001 - Male Version (RAE Systems 008-3052-000, Biosystems 12-039, Air Liquide DFR2001)
DFR2007 - Please call us at 800-829-9580 for the Female Version (RAE Systems 002-3051-000, Air Liquide DFR2007)

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