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ACD MiniBump Electro-Chemical Cell 510-05

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The ACD Electro-Chemical Cells for the ACD MiniBump are interchangeable, so a single instrument is capable of generating any one of the listed gases by simply changing the cell. Because the purpose is bump testing, the output concentration is only approximate. Each cell provides about 1000 tests. Please review the available types in the table below, and choose from the drop-down menu.

Item Description


(Bump Cycles)


PPM Output

Cl2 (chlorine)3505
H2 (hydrogen)35025
H2S (hydrogen sulfide)35025
HCN (hydrogen cyanide)35010


Overview of Calibration Gas Solutions from ACD


Part Numbers:
510-0500-01 - Chlorine Cell - approx. 5 ppm
510-0550-02 - Hydrogen Sulfide Cell - approx. 25 ppm
510-0570-02 - Hydrogen Cyanide Cell - approx. 10 ppm
510-0590-02 - Hydrogen Cell - approx. 25 ppm

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