ACD CAL 2000 LT Instrument 750-0603-LT

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The CAL 2000 LT Electro-Chemical Gas Generator from ACD is available with either of 2 fixed flow rates - 0.5 or 1.0 liters per minute. This choice should be based on the flow requirements of the gas detection instruments that you intend to calibrate. In general, instruments with diffusion type sensor assemblies will use 0.5 LPM, while those with sample draw pumps will prefer the 1.0 LPM. The gas specific Electro-Chemical Cells are not included, and must be ordered separately. The CAL 2000 LT includes a 3 foot hose, nylon carrying case, instruction manual and 4 size "C" alkaline batteries. This unit is CSA* NRTL/C Exia T-6 approved intrinsically safe with CE mark, and is shipped certified as directly traceable to NIST with an accuracy of +/-10% of the gas output concentration. The CAL 2000 LT from ACD is an economical alternative to the standard CAL 2000 for calibration of gas detection equipment using corrosive gases. The CAL 2000 LT is available in pre-set flow-rates of 0.5 or 1.0 LPM. Generating cells are sold in either 10 or 25 hour versions, and are available for chlorine, hydrogen, hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen sulfide. A gas concentration must be specified when ordering generating cells, over a range of 1 to 25 ppm in whole ppm increments. To change gas type or concentration, simply insert a different cell into the instrument. With a standard 58 liter calibration gas cylinder and a 1 liter-per-minute regulator, you get almost 60 minutes of flow. For most of these gases, that will cost you about $200, and have a shelf life in the 6-12 month range. The CAL 2000 LT instrument costs $1000, and a 10 hour cell costs $450. Taken together, this is the equivalent of $145 per cylinder (dropping to $45 on replacement cells), with no shelf life. Consider also the savings on shipping: HazMat fees for compressed gas cylinders via UPS or FedEx add up quickly. The CAL 2000 LT and cells may be shipped air freight with no HazMat fee. The CAL 2000 LT is microprocessor controlled and has an LCD display allowing easy user access to information such as cell life remaining, battery status, gas concentration and flow-rate. The generating cells are interchangeable and field replaceable and come with a one year warranty. The CAL 2000 LT Gas Generator has a built-in mass flow sensor that automatically compensates for altitude and temperature. Both the CAL 2000 LT instrument and the gas generating cells are NIST certified + 10% accurate for one year. Instruments and cells can be re-certified at the ACD factory. Best of all, when you are ready for more options or longer life cells, the CAL 2000 LT can be upgraded to the CAL 2000 at additional cost.

Key Features:

  • Non-hazardous shipping
  • NIST traceable certificate
  • Alkaline battery powered
  • A built-in mass flow sensor

Part Number:
750-0603-LT-05 (0.5 LPM)
750-0603-LT-10 (1.0 LPM)

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8.00 LBS
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13.50 (in)
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