3M Tychem QC Head Cover BE-12 Series

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The 3M BE-12 Series Tychem QC Head Cover is a loose fitting, positive pressure respiratory inlet covering. These loose fitting facepieces, when combined with an appropriate powered air purifying blower unit (PAPR), are designed to provide respiratory protection against certain particulates(dusts, fumes, mists,radio nuclides and asbestos), organic vapors, acid gases and other inorganic gases. The head cover features a wide-view faceshield and a Tychem QC faceseal. It is held in place on the head by a sewn-in, elastic headband. Breathing air is supplied from a breathing tube connected to a snap-in hose connector, which is sewn into the back of the head cover. Breathing air travels through the open space at the top of the head cover, down over the user's face and down through the holes in faceseal. The BE-12 Series head cover is made of poly-coated Tychem QC material. Tychem QC offers splash protection against many inorganic acids, bases and other liquid chemicals such as pesticides. Do not use the BE-12 Series head covers with facial hair that interferes with the face seal. Users should be clean-shaven where the respirator's face seal comes into contact with the user's face. 3M recommends an assigned protection factor (APF) of 25 for powered air purifying respirators with loose fitting headpieces. To be used with the 520-03-32R01 breathing tube. Price is for a case of 3 hoods. Product Numbers: BE-12-3 - Regular, White (formerly 522-02-00R03) BE-12L-3 - Large, White (formerly 522-02-01R03) BE-12B-3 - Regular, Blue (formerly 522-02-02R03)

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