3M Premium Pesticide and Paint Respirator - 3M 7500 Kit

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This assembly uses the 3M 7500 Respirator - a premium silicone half face respirator with a filter/cartridge combination approved for pesticide and paint spray. Designed to take the confusion out of putting all the parts together. Simply choose the size, and we'll take care of the rest. Provides protection against most common pesticides and herbicides as well as oil- and water-based paints, though not for urethane-based products. Urethane-based coatings may contain isocyanates, which are not effectively removed by organic vapor (charcoal) cartridges. This mask is also recommended for Diacetyl. This flavor additive is used in the production of 'buttered' microwave popcorn. This potent respiratory hazard requires the use of an organic vapor cartridge 3M 6001 and a dust/mist pre-filter. Another great choice would be full face respirators, like the 6000 Series 3M Full Face Respirator, that provide additional benefits. Also, take a look at the 6000 Series Half Face Respirator that offers excellent level of protection at your worksite.

Kit Includes:

The 3M 6000 Paint and Pesticide Respirator offers the same protection at a lower price point.

Part Numbers:
7501P71 - Small
7502P71 - Medium
7503P71 - Large

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2.00 LBS
7.00 (in)
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10.00 (in)
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4 Reviews

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    3M Premium Pesticide and Paint Respirator - 3M 7500 Kit

    Posted by Makailee on Jul 20th 2016

    Heya, I am for the first time here. I found this information really useful. It helped me out a lot.

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    Great comfort and good value!

    Posted by Phil on Aug 15th 2014

    I like that they sets up the kit for you based upon your needs. I am far from an expert in respirators but I could probably have figured out what I needed after hours of research and a few phone calls. In this case, I just called and they hooked me up in a few minutes with exactly what I needed for a competitive price and oh yeah, I actually don't mind wearing the gear! It's a great fit and very comfortable. I figure I saved at least $100 or more in time using them.

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    Comfy and easy to breath through.

    Posted by Robert on Aug 22nd 2013

    I picked this up to replace an older, cheaper 2 canister respirator I had. The company that made it was bought by 3m and 3m no longer sold the canisters. I'm glad I upgraded. I picked the 7500 series over the next series down because of the soft silicone face piece. It is VERY comfortable. And PK has a part number which gets you all the necessary 3M parts to have a complete mask w/ dust pre filter. The first day I used it a skunk had visited outside my shop, but the filters stopped even that odor, as well as the paint fumes :)

    low air resistance so easier to breath
    downward facing exhaust vent keeps glasses from fogging.

    3M should sell the complete set like PK Safety does to make purchasing easier.

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    Half mask

    Posted by Mike on Aug 22nd 2013

    Excellent performance.