3M BE-10BR Butyl Positive Pressure Respiratory Hood

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The 3M BE-10 Series Butyl Hood is a loose fitting, positive pressure respiratory inlet covering. When combined with an appropriate powered air purifying respirator (PAPR), The BE-10 Butyl Hood is designed to provide respiratory protection against certain particulates (dusts, fumes, mists, radionuclide, and asbestos), organic vapors, acid gases, and other inorganic gases. The hood feature a wide-view faceshield and shoulder length inner and outer shrouds. The hood is held in place on the head by a sewn-in, elastic headband. Breathing air is supplied from a breathing tube (not included) which attaches to a snap-in hose connector sewn into the back of the hood. Breathing air travels through the open space at the top of the hood, down over the user's face and out through the inner shroud. The butyl rubber hood offers resistance to certain chemical warfare agents and a range of other chemicals. It meets Military Standard MIL-C-51251A (for butyl). These hoods will accommodate limited facial hair without compromising the level of protection, provided the facial hair does not protrude past the neck area or contact the inner shroud. 3M recommends an assigned protection factor (APF) of 1000 for powered air purifying respirators with loose fitting hoods. This hood does not provide impact protection for the eyes and face. Safety glasses must be worn. To be used with the 3M Breathing Tube 520-01-00R01.

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